Whiskey Event Monday December 5th

Allocated/ Limited Whiskey & Obtainium 27 Year Canadian Whiskey single barrel release Night!?! MONDAY NIGHT DECEMBER 5TH 6:30-7:30PM

Monday Night at 6:30pm, Richard and I will re-open the store for Whiskey Night! (We will close about 6pm so Richard can get the Meat Counter closed/ only beer & Liquor side will be open from 6:30-8pm-ish).

I don’t have a bunch o’ Pappys, first off. I’ve got a nice selection of mostly distillery / special releases I’ve set aside the last few months including: Dixon Dedman’s new 2XO double oaked Bourbon; Elijah Craig Barrel Proof & EC Toasted Bourbons; Buffalo Trace Bourbon; Wilderness Trail Family Reserve Cask Strength releases (wheated/ bourbon/ rye); MB Roland single barrel Wheated Bourbon, 5 year Bottled In Bond Bourbon; Redwood Empire Bottled In Bond Bourbon & Rye 2022, RE cask strength releases (bourbon/ rye/ bourye) 2022; and we’re the only store in Wisconsin to have Cat’s Eye’s Nassif Family Reserve Whiskey & The Magi 24 year Armagnac…

We’ll be releasing our single barrel Cat’s Eye Obtainium 27 year Canadian Whiskey at this time too!
Canadian Dragonfire is Barrel Proof (157.3 proof!), Less than 70 bottles, or
Deep Oak II is 110 proof dual- ex-Rye/ Toasted American Oak cask-finish, Less than 130 bottles.

And we’ll have a little fun with it. Anyone that buys an ‘Allocated’ bottle will get a free entry for a $40 Gift Certificate. And if you choose, the winner can use that for the purchase of EH Taylor Small Batch Bottled in Bond ‘from the back’. Store Pick purchases get an entry for the $40 GC drawing, AND the regular $80 GC Store Pick bag (formerly the ‘FREE BLANTONS’ bag). To spread things out, per/ person you can get; 1x each proof 27yr Canadian, 1x 2XO, 1x choice of an EC or BT, 1x of the distillery releases. Like the old Club lines, you can get back in line and go through again. Thanks for shopping Niemuth’s, hope to see you Monday night!!!

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