Holiday Guide for the Whiskey Lover

Niemuth’s Southside Market Holiday Guide for the Whiskey Lover! -Want the quality of a Blanton’s single barrel/ EH Taylor bottled in bond? *Try our Tattersall bottled in bond Bourbon single barrel store pick! -Highest quality, amazing age statement, and single barrel? *Obtainium 27 year single barrel Canadian Whiskey! -Delicious, affordable, unique bottle for casual all-around […] Read more »

Whiskey Event Monday December 5th

Allocated/ Limited Whiskey & Obtainium 27 Year Canadian Whiskey single barrel release Night!?! MONDAY NIGHT DECEMBER 5TH 6:30-7:30PM Monday Night at 6:30pm, Richard and I will re-open the store for Whiskey Night! (We will close about 6pm so Richard can get the Meat Counter closed/ only beer & Liquor side will be open from 6:30-8pm-ish). […] Read more »

Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of 3/14 Happy Pi Day

Sylvi is a little dare devil. She rides her little rocking pony “Butterscotch” standing up on the saddle. She was also standing on the little children’s rocking chair. She did go down the steps feet first this morning. She races up the steps much faster. I mailed Owen a birthday card with an otter stamp […] Read more »

Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of December 13th.

Happy birthday to Carter, 12 this weekend. Played some tough hockey as did Kenzie. They didn’t tell me wins or loses but they were plenty tired on Sunday night. Owen and Sylvi are back to their happy normal selves. Little cold in the family the week before, No positive tests on any of them. Store […] Read more »