Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of November 12

Louise asked for a turkey for Thanksgiving and I suggested the 30 pounder again this year.  After she smacked me up side the head we negotiated it down to 22 or 24 pounds, whatever I have left.  If you see Louise on Tuesday wish her a happy birthday.

Carter was doing one of his favorite things over the weekend, playing chase with his dad.  He nailed a partly open door square on with his forehead.  I think he as a little embarrassed about it, he wouldn’t tell me how he got the mark on his forehead.  No blood though.  This should toughen him up for Hockey.  This is his 2nd week of Hockey practice.  He grins from ear to ear when he is on the ice.

Good luck Deer hunters.  Stop and pick up your deer camp supplies, see some steak specials below.  Those of you not hunting stop in for your normal weekend supplies.  Mid 40s on Sat and Sunday should be nice enough to grill.

We will be cutting deer this year, $60 cut wrap and frozen.  We will also grind hamburger, 10 cents per pound, $5 minimum.  Beef or pork trim is $2 per pound.  We will make fresh sausage like brats, polish, Italian and breakfast links.  Bring in your deer or bring in your trim.  Hope you catch one.

Fresh Turkeys will be in on Thursday this week.  Middle sizes are sold out but a good selection of small and large birds are available.  Call 734 4905 to reserve yours.

Fresh Fish:

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be organic King Salmon.

Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Atlantic Cod and Sole.

Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Chilean Sea Bass and U 10 Scallops.

Fresh seafood for Friday will be Snapper, Wild Sockeye Salmon and Scottish Salmon, Perch, Walleye, oysters and PEI Mussels.

Order live or shucked oysters for Thanksgiving soon.  Live Clams and Live Lobster are also available.   Call 734 4905 to order yours.

Brat Flavors will be Bourbon Onion and Plain in Pork and Mushroom Swiss in chicken.

Gift Certificates make great Christmas Gifts.

Meat Specials:

Prime Tenderloin  $30 lb

Prime Rib Eye Steak $20 lb

Choice Tenderloin  $22 lb

Ground Chuck 2.79 lb 5 pounds or more, 3.49 lb less than 5 pounds LAST WEEK FOR THIS OFFER TIL JANUARY.

Whole Choice NY Strip loins  6.99 lb  This is a higher grade than what was in the newspaper this weekend for the same price.

Whole Choice Rib Eye  16 -22 pounds  8.99 lb  cut as desired

Shredded cooked beef 5.99 lb  please call 734 4905 for holiday orders

Niemuth’s breakfast links  4.99 lb

Niemuth’s  home made bacon  6.49 lb

Weston #1 bacon  4.99 lb

½ hams sliced for dinner or breakfast 2.99 lb

Pickled Herring  4.49 lb  Cream herring also available

Blind Robbins  5.99 lb  Not for you if you have to ask

Smoked Salmon, Whitefish and Lake Trout

Pickled eggs in pints or ½ gallon size

Waupaca potato salad 2.99 lb

Grass Fed Ground Chuck 5.99 lb

Grass fed Rib Eye Steak  20 lb

Grass Fed Top Sirloin Steak  9.99 lb

Grass Fed Chuck Roast 7.49 lb


New Wines:

I have another variety coming in on Tuesday from Dancing Coyote that is even better than the Albarino variety that I sell a lot of now.


New Beers:

O’so Brewing Doe in Heat 6 pack a must for every deer camp.

O’so Brewing Hop Whoopin 4 pack

O’so Brewing Memory Lane6 pack

ShinerHoliday6 pack Limited seasonal sold out fast last year.

Abita Christmas 6 pack

Sam Smith organic chocolate Stout  18.7 oz bottle  A delicious chocolate stout that will go fast.

Niemuth’s Southside Market will be Closed on Thursday November 22nd for Thanksgiving.  We will be open regular hours (9 – 9) Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  Watch for our specials for those days only.

Thank you for shopping at my locally owned small business, Richard.

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