Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of July 17th

Bar B Que Club is here at the store on Wednesday night 6-8 PM. We are doing a Steak fry again this year. Jeff from Kitz & Pfiel will have the tables, tent and chairs set up and grills for cooking. We will be cooking lots of stuff, all 3 beef tenderloins, Cowboy, Prime and grass fed Rib eyes, Kabobs, Pork and Lamb and much more. Cost is $10 per person, rain or shine. Beverages available inside.

Unclothed children in the parking lot. Becki stopped at the store today to pick up Kenzie and Carter. She sent them out to the truck and told them to put their swimming suits on for swimming lessons. We were talking and she looked outside and saw unclothed children in the parking lot. Don’t know what we are going to do with those two grandchildren.

We have an added stop on the way to golfing on Mondays. Carter has Piano lessons at 8:30 so Kenzie and I go for breakfast while we wait for him. I shot 45 today Birdie and Par on the par 3s, not so impressive on the rest. I had to add it up twice because I couldn’t believe it. Played with Aaron’s clubs, left mine at the store in Appleton.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be Tilapia.
Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Amber Jack, Black Tip Shark and Great White Live Oysters.
Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Halibut and U15 dry pack scallops
Fresh seafood for Friday will be Pacific Grouper, Scottish Salmon, Wild Gulf Shrimp, PEI Mussels, Yellow Fin Tuna and Arctic Char.

Please order Live Lobster, Clams and Oysters by 4 Pm Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 PM Thursday for Friday. 920 734 4905
Caviar is also available by special order. 920 734 4905

Brat Flavors for this week will be Beer and Onion and Plain in Pork. Beef Bacon Blue Cheese in Beef.

From the smokehouse this week:
Bones for dogs to chew
Our Own Dry Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon
Turkey Jerky 2 flavors
Hot Sticks, Sweet Habanero, Grim Reaper and Landjaeger
Grandpa Bob’s and Garlic Grandpa Bob’s
Smoked Pork Hocks
Plain and Garlic Bologna

Chef Inspired for this week:
Santa Fe Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Andouille Stuffed Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Bacon
Santa Fee Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Crab Rangoon Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Greek Stuffed Pork Chops
Shark Bites
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Marinated Chicken Breast, Drum sticks and boneless Thighs
Bourbon BBQ boneless Pork Chops

Meat Specials:
Ground Chuck Patties 42.00 for a 10 pound box 40 patties per box. 4.49 lb less than 10 pounds
Ground Chuck 3.49 lb 5 pounds or more, 3.99 lb less than 5 pounds
Grass Fed Ground Chuck 7.99 lb
Prime Top Sirloin 9.99 lb
Prime Steer Tenderloin
Choice T Bone steak 11.99 lb
Choice Porterhouse Steak 12.99 lb
Ground Pork 2.99 lb
Pork Chops 3.99 lb
Pork Steak 2.99 lb
American Lamb Chops 13.99 lb
New Zealand Frenched Rack of Lamb 13.99 lb
Grass Fed Marrow Bones 4.99 lb
Waupaca Potato Salad 2.99 lb

New Other stuff:
Gary’s Original old Fashion Mix local made favorite
Koval Oat malt Whiskey Sold out first delivery, this was my favorite of the 6 we tasted, we ordered 4 of the 6.

New Wines:
Rack and Barrel Bourbon Barrel Cabernet
Milwaukee Brewers MLB Licensed Cabernet Sauvignon I had to preorder it in June When the Brewers were only 1 game ahead in the Central. It just came in and I think 1 sold already
Markham 2015 Chardonnay

New Beer:
Stone Woot Imperial Stout 13% abv 22 oz bottle reasonable price
lakefront Smash Watermelon 6/12 bottle
Tallgrass key lime Pie 6/12 cans
Tallgrass Raspberry Jam 6/12 cans
Tallgrass the Grizz double IPA 4/12 cans
Hinterland Citron Seasonal Limited Release 6/12 bottles
3 Floyds Middle finger Pale Ale 6/12 bottles
3 Floyds Necron 99 IPA 6/12 bottles
3 Floyds Apocalypse Cow Milk Stout 22 oz bottle

Thank you for Shopping at and Recommending my store to your family and friends. And an bigger Thank you for doing battle with the road construction. Richard.

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