Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of December 8th

Last week a customer was giving me a hard time about not golfing.  I told him its a holiday season and I have to work and that I would be golfing again in January.  He asked if I was going south and I said no, North to Mid Valley’s indoor simulator.  I also invited him and anyone else who might be interested to join us.  Tim had shoulder surgery so won’t be golfing until late spring hopefully. 

Store hours are 9-9 Monday – Saturday and 10 – 6 on Sunday.  We will be open Christmas Eve 9 – 5.  Closed Christmas Day, Merry Christmas.  Open New Years Eve 9 – 9 and New Years Day 10 – 6.

Bring your venison in Tuesday if you want your sausage done BEFORE Christmas!

Fresh Seafood for Tuesday will be Either Smelt or Swordfish and PEI Mussels.  He didn’t call back to confirm which.

Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon and Atlantic Cod.

Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Monk and Canadian Walleye. 

Fresh Seafood for Friday will be Sole, Crab Stuffed Sole, Scottish Salmon, Wild Gulf Shrimp, Yellowfin Tuna, Atlantic Haddock, Canadian Perch and Dry Pack Scallops.

Order Live Lobster, Clams and Oysters by 4 pm Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 Pm Thursday for Friday delivery.  920 734 4905 or stop in!

Christmas and New Years special orders appreciated.  call 920 734 4905 with your special requests.

Diver scallop season started today in Maine with a pretty good Nor’Easter blowing in.  I hope to have Fresh Diver Scallops by Christmas, will keep you informed.  https://thumbnail.constantcontact.com/remoting/v1/vthumb/VIMEO/f7e52aece4de4450b268b6beaf48fd24

From the Smokehouse this week:

Landjaeger, Hot Stix, Grim Reaper Stix

Dog Bones

All Beef Wieners and Summer Sausage

Bologna and Pre Cooked Brats

Salmon Candy

Smoked Pork Hocks and Smoked Pork Chops Late this week.

Chef Inspired ready to cook items:

Cajun Stuffed Cornish game hens

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Bourbon marinated Pork Loin Roast

Stuffed Mushroom caps

Crab Stuffed Sole

Stuffed Pork Tenderloins

Meat Specials:

Order Christmas rib roast, Ham, Lamb, Tenderloin, Fresh Amish Turkey, Crown Roast and more!  Call 920 734 4905

Chopped Sirloin Patty  5.99 lb

Ground Chuck 3.99 lb 5 pounds or more, 4.49 less than 5 pounds  Last week until next year for this special.

Pork Chops 4.29 lb thick, Thin or Extra Thick.

Pork Steak 3.49 lb

Chicken Drum stix 1.29 lb

Chicken Wings 3.99 lb Drummy and flats only, no points  10 pound bag 3.49 lb

Peeled and Devined Wild Gulf Shrimp 16.99 lb 16/20 count per pound Frozen

Cold Water Canadian Lobster Tails sizes up to 1 1/2 pounds available, Ask for Cash Discounts on 10 pound boxes, 920 734 4905

Choice Rib Eye Steak 14.99 lb  boneless

Choice NY Strip steak 13.99 lb

Choice Steer Tenderloin 26.00 lb

Whole Beef Brisket 4.99 lb  Trimmed 1/2 Briskets 6.99 lb  Smoked heat and eat beef Brisket 9.99 lb

Ask about Gift Boxes, Baskets, Certificates and build your own Boxes.

New Wines:

New Beers:

Founders Brewing Price Reduction 8.99 6 packs and 9.99 4 packs for the month of December only.  We need to earn our case of KBS.

Deschutes Brewing The Abyss 2014 Reserve 22 oz bottle  I have the only case in the Fox Valley

Widner Brothers  Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout 22 oz bottle

Nogne O Special Holiday Ale 500 ml bottle in collaboration with Jolly Pumpkin Ales and Stone Brewing Co

Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer 22 oz Bourbon Peach American Wild Ale Limited Release, probably won’t find it anywhere else in the valley.  Label Says Raw – Gluten Free and Vegan

Thank you for shopping at and recommending my store to your family and friends.  Richard.

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