Kentucky Derby Whiskey suggestions:

Happy Derby week!

If you’re looking for a fine whiskey this week, please stop in! Some highlights;

Rush Creek – Double Oak Bourbon – barrel proof or 101 proof bottlings from the same barrel selection; the most rich and flavorful double oaked I’ve tried! This beats out $100 – $200 Double Oaked Bourbons for flavor – both proofs are open to sample.

Great Lakes – Bottled in Bond Still & Oak Bourbon – our selection of this is a delicious lowered-proof ‘Blanton’s-style’ bottle. Baked brown sugar, complex spice and oak notes… Dangerously easy to sip at bonded proof, and also available to sample!

Cat’s Eye – for those who like Bourbon & Rye, we’ve got a nearly 11-year ‘Bourye’ that was originally blended for High West!!! Amazing barrel; in Sean’s ‘Top 5 Ever’.

Rebel / Ezra Brooks / Wilderness Trail / Buffalo Chip – Cask Strength Bourbons – if you must have Kentucky-distilled for the Derby – we’ve got those to choose from too!

Samples available; and Whiskey sampling on the Rush Creek Friday afternoon, and Black Saddle 12 year and Magi Rye Saturday 11-2

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