Holiday Guide for the Whiskey Lover

Niemuth’s Southside Market Holiday Guide for the Whiskey Lover!

-Want the quality of a Blanton’s single barrel/ EH Taylor bottled in bond?
*Try our Tattersall bottled in bond Bourbon single barrel store pick!

-Highest quality, amazing age statement, and single barrel?
*Obtainium 27 year single barrel Canadian Whiskey!

-Delicious, affordable, unique bottle for casual all-around whiskey fans? *LaCrosse High Rye Light Whiskey custom blends under $31;
*single barrel MB Roland Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey under $40;
*Obtainium 6yr barrel proof Bourbon 375ml under $30!

-Wonderful Straight Wheat Whiskeys;
*9 year Old Elk barrel proof, Lone Elm Honey-finished, 8 year Dry Fly barrel proof, Lone Elm Texas Straight Wheat Whiskey single barrels!!!

-Sublime Straight Rye Whiskeys; best selection of Wisconsin Ryes in WI!
*45th Parallel’s New Richmond Rye (2 bottlings), Great Northern Straight Rye Whiskey (2 bottlings, one maple-barrel finished), Driftless Glen Straight Rye (all from WI). Plus James E. Pepper, and Bone Snapper Ryes!

-Shelf Bourbons?
*If you like Eagle Rare, try the Tin Cup 10 year!
*Top notch under $40 Bourbon that even Whiskey Nerds will enjoy? Old Dominick Huling Station or Yahara Bay!!!

Merry Christmas from the staff at Niemuth’s Southside Market.

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