Construction update @ Niemuth’s

Wednesday has been a busy “normal” sales day. Thank you to all who have stopped in.

South bound on Oneida or turning off of Calumet the very right hand lane is open to business traffic. Dodge around the barricade that has been pulled back and drive right up to the store.

North bound on Oneida the opening is a little wider because they are hauling dirt and concrete south. Just pop through the opening in the south bound lane and come right up to the store. Getting in and out of our drive way is the easiest ever, no traffic.

Just remember, do all your driving in the south bound lane, none in the north bound.

We should have signs up at each end by the weekend to help with directions.

Fresh fish is on schedule and new beers are here.

Call us if you want delivery or have other questions. 920 734 4905

Thank you Richard.

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