Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of September 27th

Congratulations to my beautiful wife Louise for putting up with me for 41 wonderful years of marriage. Our anniversary is today. No Golf today, as I often say “I am not a smart as I look” left the clubs in Appleton. Walked the kids today, played catch with Owen while we walked. Owen’s excitement for the day was early on his way over to Nana and Papa’s. AJ hit a deer on the way over so all Owen said all day was Mama hit deer.

Went fishing with Scott on Sunday. Wolf river up stream from Weyauwega. Caught 13 nice perch and 4 northern. One northern was in the 25-28 inch range, let them all go.

Store hours are 10-6 Sunday-Tuesday, 10-7 Wednesday-Thursday and 9-7 Friday-Saturday.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be North Atlantic Cod.
Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Live Bevan Oysters.
Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Swordfish and Wild Coho Salmon.
Fresh seafood for Friday will be Pacific Grouper, Scottish Salmon, North Atlantic Haddock and Cod, Whole Red Snapper, Wild Gulf Shrimp, Yellow Fin Tuna and Dry Pack Scallops.

Order Live Lobster, Caviar, Clams and Oysters by 4 PM Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 PM Thursday for Friday delivery. 920 734 4905

Brat Flavors will be Hatch Pepper (sample let us know how you like them) Garlic Parmesan and Sheboygan.

Chef Inspired:
Twice Baked Potato
Grilling or Roasting veggies Brussel Sprouts, Green Beans, Potatoes
Cheezy Potatoes
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers regular or Chorizo infused
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast 5 flavors to choose from
HOT Clam Chowder every Friday afternoon HOT
Stuffed Clam Shell, Maryland Crab Cakes and Oyster Rockefeller
Stuffed Pablano Peppers
Taco Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Pepperoni Pizza topped Portabella Caps
Pork, Veggie or Southwest Egg rolls
Waupaca Potato Salad

From the Smokehouse:
Smoked Beef (dried Beef)
Smoked Pork Hocks
Pre Cooked Brats
Natural Casing Wieners, All Beef Wieners, Cheese and Jalapeno and Cheese Wieners
Bloody Mary, Landjaeger, Teriyaki and Cheese sticks
Our Own Hickory Smoked Bacon, Garlic Bacon and Pepper Bacon
We Make YOUR OWN MEAT INTO VENISON SAUSAGE. YOUR OWN MEAT BACK GUARANTEED. Fast turn around. I need 15 pounds of venison, I’ll add 10 pounds of pork and make YOUR OWN MEAT VENISON SAUSAGE. Bring it in today.
We will also grind your trim into hamburger, package and freezing extra.

Meat Specials:
Prime Steer Flank Steak 12.99 lb save $1.00 per pound over choice
Waygu Rib Eye and NY Strip steak
Waygu Top Sirloin Steak
Ground Chuck 5.49 lb 5 pounds or more, 5.99 lb less than 5 pounds
Pork Chops 4.49 lb thick, thin or Extra Thick
Pork Steak 3.99 lb thick or thin
Pork Country Style Ribs 2.99 lb
Stuffed Pork Chops 4.99 lb
Chicago Italian Sausage 4.99 lb
Jumbo Fresh chicken leg Quarters 1.29 lb
Fresh Homemade Pizza starting at 5.99 each, Gluten free options available
Waupaca Potato Salad 3.49 lb

New Wine:

New Beers:
3 Sheeps Armchair Quarterback Copper Lager Seasonal
O’Dell Hazer Tag Hazy IPA with Passion fruit and Citrus
O’Dell Sippin Tropical Sour with Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Tangerine and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Rogue Dead n Dead Maibock Ale aged in Dead Guy Whiskey Barrels
Founder’s KBS Variant Cinnamon, Vanilla and Cocoa Bourbon Barrel aged Chocolate Coffee Stout
Fair State Art In Agriculture DDH IPA
Capital Autumnal Fire Doppelbock Seasonal Favorite
Toppling Goliath Flying Seahorses NE DIPA
Toppling Goliath Fresh Batch Smores Pastry Stout
Black Rocks 51 K IPA back in stock
Bunch from Brewing Project and Energy City
New from Hidden Cave Cider Middleton WI 3 flavors I think Lavender is in 2

Thank you for shopping at and recommending my store to your family and friends, Richard.

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