Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of September 22nd

Saturday will be my 34th wedding anniversary.  Louise is a saint to put up with me for so long.

Kenzie tried on the bear costume for Halloween.  When she saw herself in the mirror she put both arms up and went “ROARRR”  Her dad Aaron coaches football at Appleton East and Becki and the kids go to watch dad coach.  Last Friday Louise had Kenzie in the van with her and when she turned to go to the house Kenzie threw a fit and kicked the seat and said no NaNa house, East Football.  One of the football parents was in tonight and said that Kenzie was so cute at the football games and talks just like me.  I told her that might become a problem for her down the road.

Kenzie and I also got our round of golf in this morning and I remembered my clubs this time.  I’m pretty rusty, lots of 6s and 8s and even a 12.  When the nurse asks about any unusual bruising I will have to tell her about the golf ball size bruise on my left thigh from the ball bouncing off the tree and hitting me.

Have a great time at Octoberfest this weekend and Thank you to all the food stands that used us as a supplier.

Last week for Waupaca Sweet Corn, Should have tomatoes and squash for a few weeks yet.  Call me by Wednesday afternoon if you want larger quanities, 734 4905

Fresh Seafood for Tuesday will be Tilapia.

Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Green Bay Perch and Atlantic Haddock.

Fresh SEafood for Thursday will be Coastal Shark (Black Tip) and Canadian Walleye.

Fresh Seafood for Friday will be Dover Sole, Crab Stuffed Dover Sole, Scottish Salmon, Wild Sockeye Salmon, Atlantic Hake, (by request) Wild Gulf Shrimp, Yellowfin Tuna, Atlantic Cod, (by Request) Dry Pack Scallops.

Hope everyone liked the Live Lobsters last weekend.  I have some ordered for this weekend for people who couldn’t do them last weekend.  Call 734 4905 if you want Live Lobster, Clams or Oysters.  Tuesday for Wednesday or Thursday for Friday.

Brat Flavors for this week will be Greek, Purple and Gold (for a Viking Fan) and Plain in Pork.  Tomato, Basil and Parmesan in Chicken (by request for a birthday party.)

From  the Smokehouse this week:

even more hot dogs, we have made over 300 pounds the last 3 weeks.

Cheddarwurst and Smoked Polish

Smoked chicken Breast, Turkey Drums and Turkey Breast

Brown sugar Bacon

Dog Bones

Hot Stix and Landjaeger

Bring your vension trim in and have it made into sausage, brats or hot dogs.  We guarantee your own meat back with 15 pounds of venison.

Meat Specials:

Whole beef brisket 4.99 lb 10 – 16 pound average  Trimmed parts 6.99 lb

Whole beef tenderloin 10.99 lb

Ground Chuck 3.49 lb 5 pounds or more, 3.99 lb less than 5 pounds

Choice NY Strip steak 12.99 lb Save $1.00 per pound

Choice Flank Steak 8.99 lb

Choice inside Skirt Steak 7.99 lb

Choice Chuck Roast 5.99 lb Boneless

Choice Short Ribs 5.99 lb

St Louis pork ribs 3.99 lb  no brisket, no waste

Pork Steak 2.99 lb  Thick or thin

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin 5.99 lb new flavor now available

Pork Chops 4.29 lb thick, thin or Extra Thick

Stuffed Pork Chops 4.99 lb

Whole Stuffed Chickens 2.29 lb

Scray’s creamy Gouda cheese wheel 7.99 lb  samples available

Now taking turkey orders for Thanksgiving, call 734 4905 or stop in to order.

New Wines:

New Beers:

Founders Mosaic Stout 6 pack or single bottles

Founder Breakfast Stout 4 pack bottle

Epic Smoked Porter 22 oz bottle

Epic Devious 22 oz bottle

Coronadas Black Sails, Hibiscus, Sock Knock and Anniversary Ale 22 oz bottle free pint glass with purchase

Thank you for shopping at and recommending my store, Richard.  Enjoy the sun shine!


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