Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of October 6th

Another round of golf this morning, Probably fishing next Monday with Carter and Kenzie, then hoping for 2 or 3 more weeks of golf after that before we put the clubs away til January and indoor golf with the boys.

Carter has his first hockey practice of the year tonight.  Hope he remembers how to skate and stop without running into someone else or the wall.  Becki is kinda afraid that Kenzie will want to be out there skating with Carter.  She said the double blade skates were too small for her so they will either be shopping for bigger used double blades or Kenzie goes right to single blades.

Venison services are available:  Cut, wrap and freeze whole deer, grind your trim into hamburger or make your trim into sausage.  We guarantee your own meat back!  Call 734 4905 or bring it in.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be Tilapia.

Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Green Bay Perch and Whitefish.

Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Swordfish and Canadian Walleye.

Fresh Seafood for Friday will be Dover Sole, Crab Stuffed Dover Sole, Scottish Salmon, Wild Ivory King Salmon (limited), Wild King Salmon, Atalantic Cod and Haddock, Wild Gulf Shrimp, Yellowfin Tuna and Dry Pack Day Boat Scallops.

As always order Live lobster, clams and oysters by 4 pm Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 pm Thursday for Friday delivery.  734 4905 to order.

2014 Caviar list should be out soon!

Brat Flavors will be Pizza (by request) and plain in pork.  TBA in Chicken.

From the Smokehouse this week:

Smoked pork hocks and Ham Bones

Bone in Ham, whole, part or center cut steaks

Beef Bacon

Hot Dogs

Slicing Summer Sausage, plain or Garlic

Sweet Habanero Stix

Beef Jerkey and a whole lot more.

Turkey orders are starting to roll in, Thanksgiving is only 8 weeks away.  Call 734 4905 for your holiday special orders and Fresh or Organic Turkey orders.

Meat Specials:

Ground Chuck 3.79 lb 5 pounds or more, 4.29 less than 5 pounds

Choice Top Sirloin Steak 9.99 lb

Choice Chuck Roast 5.99 lb  Grass Fed 7.99 lb

Choice Chuck Eye Steak 6.99 lb

Choice Flank Steak 8.99 lb

Beef Shish ka Bobs 8.99 lb

Whole beef tenderloin 10.99 lb

Whole Beef Brisket 4.99 lb  Smoked beef brisket 9.99 lb

Whole pork butt 2.99 lb

Ground Pork, Bulk Sweet Italian or Bulk Mild Italian 3.99 lb

Pork Country Style Ribs 2.49 lb

Center cut pork Chops 4.29 lb Thick, Thin or Extra Thick

Stuffed Pork Chops 4.99 lb

Homemade Breakfast links 5.99 lb

Zesty Jalapeno pickle spears 3.49 lb

Whole Kosher pickles 1.00 each

Waupaca Potato Salad 2.99 lb

New Wines:

Principe de Viana Garnacha Rose from Spain by request

New Beers:

Ommegang Brewery Game of Thrones Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale

Ommegang Brewery Abbey and Gnomegang 4 pack bottles back in stock

Anchor Foghorn Barley Wine 6 pack bottle

Shiner Holiday Cheer 6 pack bottle

Grand Teton Brewing Snarling BAdger Berliner Weisse 4 pack bottle  You would have thought a Wisconsin Brewery would have come up with a snarling badger wouldn’t you?  Its a cute badger on the label too.

St Francis Pride Special Reserve Series Coconut Brown Ale 4 pack bottle

Alesmith Decadence 2014 Anniversary Wheat Wine Ale.

Thank you for shopping at and recommending my store, Richard.

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