Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of October 31st BOO

Happy Halloween. Nana made a cow costume for Owen for trick or treat tonight. He has a sore throat so I don’t think he will be going. Not contagious. Only 6 holes of golf today. Had to get back to work. Hit a couple good shots but just a little too close to the leaves. One par, 3 lost balls, 34 on 6 holes. Sylvi had a good time riding along with me. Also a couple nice bike rides on Saturday and Sunday.

Carter and Kenzie were up north over the weekend.

Order Fresh Amish and Fresh Bell & Evans Organic Turkeys soon! 920 734 4905

Store hours are 10-6 Sunday-Tuesday, 10-7 Wednesday-Thursday and 9-7 Friday and Saturday.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be North Atlantic Cod and Wisconsin Superior Atlantic Salmon.
Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Canadian Walleye, Live Bevan Oysters.
Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Wild Gulf Black Grouper and Wild Halibut.
Fresh seafood for Friday will be Pacific Grouper, Canadian Supreme Cut Atlantic Salmon, North Atlantic Cod and Haddock, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wild Gulf Shrimp.

Order Live Lobster Clams and Oysters by 4 PM Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 PM Thursday for Friday delivery. 920 734 4905

Brat flavor will be Sheboygan.

Chef Inspired:
Thai Peanut Chicken Pizza
Beer Brat Pizza
Italian Meatloaf
Cheesy Hashbrowns
Shrimp Jalapeno Poppers
Chorizo Poppers
Bacon Wrapped Poppers
Take and Bake Pot Roast with Veggies
Stuffed Twice baked Acorn Squash
Teriyaki Marinated Thighs
5 different Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Hot Homemade Clam Chowder and possible 2nd soup on Friday Noon.
Hot Ribs and BBQ 1/2 Chicken from the smokehouse at 4 PM Friday afternoon.
Niemuth’s Official Merch coming soon.

From the smokehouse:
Grandpa Bob’s Summer sausage, All Beef, Garlic, Jalapeno Cheese.
Natural Casing Wieners
Smoked Chicken Breast
8 flavors of smoked beef strips (beef jerky)
Our own Hickory smoked Bacon, Black Pepper Bacon, Garlic Bacon
Turkey Bacon
Dried Smoked Beef
We make YOUR OWN MEAT VENISON SAUSAGE. Fast Turn around.
Pulled Pork

Meat Specials:
Tri Tip
Pork Back Ribs 3.99 lb.
Whole packer Beef Brisket 5.99 lb. 12-18 pound average
Pork Butt Whole 2.25 lb.
Pork Chops 4.49 lb. thick, thin or extra thick Cowboy cut 5.99 lb.
Pork Steak 3.99 lb. thick or thin
Choice Rib Eye 16.99 lb.
Homemade Pizza starting at 7.99 each, gluten free options also available.
Waupaca Potato salad 3.99 lb

New Liquor:
Lone Elm Texas Bourbon and Honey barrel Bourbon.

New Wine:
New from Forgotten Fire Mad Badger Cherry Fruit made with Door County Cherries.
Restock from Forgotten Fire Walleye, Nice Rack, Dock Blocker and Bobbin for Apples.

New Beers:
Going for Hop Butcher on Wednesday afternoon. Only a couple cans left from last run.
See our Facebook page for latest beers.

Thank you for Shopping at and recommending my store to your family and friends, Richard.

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