Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of November 2nd

Kenzie and I golfed this morning and the weather forecast looks like another golf Monday next Monday. Kenzie was putting on just about every hole this morning but she was a little crabby on the tee box, she wanted to use her putter instead of a 7 iron.

Picked Carter up from school this afternoon. First thing he told me was that he skipped one color right to purple, apparently the best color reserved for the good kids. He also saved his grapes from lunch to share with me and Kenzie.

Order Fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving now! Smoked Turkeys, smoked Duck and Smoked Goose must be ordered by November 18th for us to get them done for Thanksgiving. 920 734 4905

Fresh Seafood for Tuesday will be Atlantic Cod.
Fresh Seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Canadian Perch and the last Door County Whitefish til ice up.
Fresh Seafood for Thursday will be Chilean Sea BAss and Canadian Walleye.
Fresh Seafood for Friday will be 4 dozen Live oysters call 920 734 4905 to reserve yours. Sole, Crab Stuffed Sole, Scottish Salmon, Atlantic Haddock, Yellowfin Tuna, Wild Gulf Shrimp, XL Maine Mussels and u10 Dry Pack Scallops

AS always order live lobster, Clams and Oysters by 4 pm Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 PM Thursday for Friday delivery. 920 734 4905
Also start thinking about ordering holiday caviar, smoked salmon and shucked oysters I will have the pricelists out soon!

Brat Flavors for this week will be Carolina BBQ and Plain in Pork. Buffalo in Chicken.

From the smokehouse this week:
Bring your venison in for sausage, stix, hot dogs or ring bologna and get it back before Gun Season! Fresh venison from this year or anything left over in your freezer. We also smoke duck, goose, turkey and fish. Plan ahead for the holidays.
All Beef Wieners, Summer Sausage
Beef Jerky
Dry Cured Bacon
Grandpa Bob’s Summer Sausage
Bison Hot Stix
Terriyaki and Cheese stix, Ham Stix, Hot Stix, Grim Reaper and Sweet Habanaro stix
Ring Bologna both Plain and Garlic

Chef Inspired for this week:
Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed pork tenderloin and pork loin roast
Smoked Butters are out again
New England style Wicked Clam Chowder on Friday – 920 734 4905 to reserve yours it sells out!
Carolina game day foods to be determined yet

Meat Specials:
Fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving Amish Naturals that we have had the last 11 years and Bell and Evans Organic Turkeys for the 3rd year. Call 920 734 4905 to reserve yours Some sizes are getting tight already, Louise took orders for over a dozen today.
Let me know if you are interested in FRESH DUCK for Thanksgiving 3-5 pound Long Island whites will be available if I get enough orders. 920 734 4905 for duck details.
Ground Chuck 3.99 lb 5 pounds or more, 4.49 lb less than 5 pounds
Whole Chicken wings 2.99 lb
Chicken Drums .99 lb
Pork Country Style Ribs 1.99 lb
Choice Porterhouse Steak 13.99 lb
Choice T Bone Steak 13.49 lb
Homemade Pizza, pretzel dip, smoked salmon spread, soups and salads including Waupaca Potato Salad. Orders for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or the Superbowl are appreciated. 920 734 4905

New Liquor:
Wild Turkey Forgiven Rye – Bourbon Blend batch 303

New Wines:
Should have 3 new Italian’s in tommorrow, a very nice procecco, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Bottles will be open to sample on Friday

New Beers:
Founders Backwoods Bastard single bottles
Saugatuck MI Neopolitan 4 pack bottles
Mobcraft Bat$h!t Crazy 4/16 cans
Mobcraft Cranberry Cencored 22 oz bottle
Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper, Winbic and Holiday Ale all 750 ml bottles very limited supply
Lump of Coal 500 ml bottle

Thank you for Shopping at and recommending my store to your family and friends, Richard.

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