Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of July 29th

My sister Janet didn’t last a year back in the lower 48.  I flew to Seattle last August to drive with her back to Wisconsin.  She worked for a unit of her Alaska employer in west Chicago for almost a year but left last Wednesday to go back to Anchorage.  She didn’t get enough hours and couldn’t afford Chicago.  She is going back to Anchorage to work for her previous employer.    My youngest son Scott is driving up with her.   He has survived his Aunt’s driving with cruise control in the mountains and two flat tires on the trailer.  They are going Halibut fishing tomorrow and looking for an apartment for Janet on Wednesday.  Got to have your priorities right.

I have 10 dozen fresh sweet corn ordered for Thursday.  This is first week harvest for Grace, she said it might be a little better in a week or two.  Hold your orders for canning and freezing for a couple weeks for the best sweet corn.  Tomatoes should be ready by then also.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be Mahi Mahi and Tilapia.

Fresh Seafood for Wednesday will be Arctic Char, New Zealand King Salmon and Halibut Cheeks (Maybe) he had 10 pounds listed in inventor that must have come in today because they haven’t had any for the last 3 weeks.

Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Halibut and Walleye.

Fresh seafood for Friday will be Pacific Grouper, Scottish Salmon, Haddock, Wild Coho Salmon (Sockeye will be done for a month or so) Wild Gulf Shrimp,Yellowfin Tuna and Mussels.

I have over 300 oysters and clams requested for Friday, if you would like some live oysters, clams or lobsters please call me at 734 4905.  I need the order by 4 pm Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 pm Thursday for Friday delivery.

Brat flavors will be Pizza, beer and onion and plain in Pork.  Buffalo in Chicken and we will see what we decide on for Beef.

Meat Specials:

Choice Eye of Round Roast or Steak 3.99 lb  Limited amount available

Choice Short Ribs 4.99 lb

Choice London Broil 8.99 lb

Ground chuck 2.79 lb 5 pounds or more, 3.49 lb less than 5 pounds

Choice Rib Eye Steak 13.99 lb

Choice NY Strip Steak 13.99 lb

Pork Chops 2.99 lb thick thin or extra thick.

Pork Back ribs 3.99 lb

Marinated Chicken Breast 3.99 lb

Chicken Drums .99lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs 2.99 lb

Chicken Breast Tenders 2.99 lb

Waupaca Potato Salad 2.99 lb  Best in town

Fresh homemade Pizza 5.99 12 inch, 6.99 deluxe and speciality

New Beers:

Sam Adams Octoberfest 6 pack  YES Octoberfest already but Sam’s was so good last year it sold out early so get it while it lasts.

Anchor California Lager 6 pack

Central Waters Scotch Ale Brewers Reserve 4 pack Limited release, stock up now.

New Wines:

None this week but I ordered my 3rd case of Joel Gott Alikai red blend since it’s release a little over a month ago.

Seeing lots of new people in the store lately, thank you for recommending my store to your friends, neighbors and co workers, Richard.



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