Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of January 7th

Happy New Year! New Road! New Attitude of thanks for all your support the last 2 years! Thank you.

Another successful pheasant and quail hunt in Kansas. Carter and the dogs are all tired out. It showed at his Hockey game Sunday afternoon. He was not as sharp as usual but he still got a couple shots off and played some good defense.

Kenzie had a little trouble with pheasant stir fry for dinner no trouble at all with cake and Ice Cream for AJ and Jim’s birthdays. 33 and 34, not enough 3s for both of them. Carter was trying to add up the numbers we had to make 33 or 34 but still not enough numbers.

Mark your Calendar for January BBQ Club meeting on Wednesday the 16th 6-8 PM at the Stoneyard in Greenville. Exotic meats night. So far I know of Venison Schnitzel, Rabbit Stew, Bourbon Maple Arctic Char, Curry Goat and Octopus Salad. This is a monthly event for those who love to Cook/BBQ. Free also. I have copies of the schedule for the year if you would like one stop in and ask me.

Store Hours are 9-9 Monday-Friday and 10-6 Sunday.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be North Atlantic Cod.
Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Canadian Perch, live Bevan Oysters and Lake Trout fillets
Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Chilean Sea Bass and Canadian Walleye.
Fresh seafood for Friday will be Flounder, Crab Stuffed Flounder, Scottish Salmon, North Atlantic Haddock, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wild Gulf Shrimp, u10 Dry Pack Scallops.

Order Live Lobster, Clams, Oysters and Caviar by 4 PM Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 PM Thursday for Friday delivery. 920 734 4905

Brat Flavors will be Original Sheboygan and Philly Cheese Steak in Beef.

From the Smokehouse this week:
Smoked Sausage (Linquisa)
Landjaeger, Hot Sticks
Smoked Hocks
Our own boneless Ham
Our Own Hickory smoked dry cured bacon
Hot from the smokehouse Pork Back Ribs and BBQ 1/2 chickens Sell out every Friday, orders appreciated before noon Friday 920 734 4905
Bring your Venison in for YOUR OWN MEAT SAUSAGE!

Chef Inspired for this week:
Mongolian meat balls
Lamb Feta Stuffed egg plant
Sweet Potato twice baked
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno poppers
Chorizo Fiesta Meat Loaf
Shepard’s Pie ready to bake
Lasagna Ready to bake
Spinach Ricotta sundried tomato stuffed Chicken breast
Middle Eastern Satay chicken sticks
Moroccan Chicken Thighs more in on Wednesday
Hot from the smokehouse Pork Back Ribs and BBQ 1/2 chickens Sell out every Friday, orders appreciated before noon Friday 920 734 4905
Bacon Wrapped pork tenderloin

Meat Specials:
Prime Tenderloin 28.00 lb save $7 per pound, only a few left after the holidays don’t wait
Prime Rib Eye Steak or Roast 15.00 lb save $5.00 per pound even less left than Tenderloins
Beef Tenderloins 8.99 lb save $2 lb One more case to go
21/26 Wild Gulf White Shrimp (Alabama) $15 for a 2 lb bag frozen, one more case to go – going fast
Choice Short Ribs 5.99 lb
Beef Oxtail 5.99 lb
Beef Shank meat 5.99 lb
Ground Chuck 3.49 lb 5 pounds or more, 3.99 lb less than 5 pounds
Pork Steak 2.99 lb thick or thin
Pork Chops 3.49 lb thick, thin or extra thick
Pork Country Style ribs 1.49 lb
Ground Pork 2.99 lb
Pork Back Ribs 3.99 lb Never Frozen
Whole Beef Brisket 4.99 lb PRIME 12-18 lb average
Whole Pork Butt 1.99 lb 8-10 lb average
Lamb Chops 13.99 lb American
Veal Oso Buco 19.99 lb
Waupaca Potato Salad 2.99 lb

New Wines:
About 20 cases of closeout wines came in last week mostly reds
Expecting another 50-75 cases this week or next week.

New Beers:
Sierra Nevada Brut IPA
Big Sky Brewing Trout Slayer Wheat Pale Ale

Thank you for shopping at and recommending my store to your friends and family, Richard.

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