Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of August 27th

Labor Day week and weekend hours will be Monday -Saturday 9-9,  Sunday and Monday, Labor Day 10 – 6.  Call 734 4905 for special requests.

Carter’s road rash from his bike fall is healing nicely.  We have him convinced that girls like boys with scars.  He doesn’t know what that means yet and he shouldn’t have a scar.  Uncle Scott is back from his summer adventure of harvesting wheat on America’s great plains.  He was supposed to be out there until mid October but they ran out of stuff to harvest due to the drought.  He worked from Oklahoma up to North Dakota.  He said the crops looked the best and they spent the most days waiting for the rain to stop in the Dakotas.  I drove across all the northern states from Washington to Wisconsin last week with my sister.  She moved back to Wisconsin from Anchorage Alaska.  She drove with another lady from Alaska to Seattle.  I flew into Seattle and helped her drive the rest of the way home.  Lots of interesting stuff along the way, none of it that we stopped for.

Mark your Calendars for Live Lobster weekend September 14 and 15.  Pre orders are appreciated, I won’t have many extras.  Lobster prices are down but I won’t have a firm price until September 10th.  Hurricanes tend to affect fishing.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be yellowfin Tuna.

Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Escalor, Arctic Char and Atlantic Cod.

Fresh seafood for Thursday will be Walleye, King Salmon and Pacific Halibut.

Fresh Seafood for Friday will be Pacific Grouper, Wild Coho Salmon, Scottish Salmon, u 10 Scallops, Wild Gulf Shrimp, Calimari tubes and Tenticles and 4 oz Canadian Lobster tails.

Order live Lobsters, Clams and Oysters by 4 pm Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 pm Thursday for Friday.

Brat Flavors will be Red White and blue, Jamacian Jerk and plain in pork.  Chicken brat will be buffalo chicken.

Meat Specials:

Pork Back Ribs 3.99 lb save $1.00 per pound on the same ribs we always have.

Choice Rib Eye Steak  11.99 lb  Save $2.00 off the regular price earlier this summer.

Choice NY Strip steak  11.99 lb  save $2.00 off the regular price earlier this summer.

Ground Chuck 2.79 lb for 5 pounds or more, 3.49 less than 5 pounds.

Sweet Italian Sausage  2.99 lb bulk for soup, lazagna or pizza.

Whole Pork Butts 2.00 lb 8 -9 pound average.

Pork Tenderloin  4.99 lb 

Assorted stuffed or marinated chicken breasts 3.99 – 4.49 lb

Chicken wings  2.99 lb

Waupaca Potato salad  2.99 lb

Waupaca Sweet Corn  now 30 cents an ear.  In on Thursday.

Waupaca vine ripened tomatoes $1.00 per pound in on Thursday.

New Wines:

Bussalo Ca’del Laito Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore  You’ll love this red.

Conquista from Argentina  Cabernet Sauvignon and Moscato 2 new varitals to go with the Malbec

New Beers:

You don’t have time and I don’t remember all the new fall beers that came in this week.

Southern Tier Pumking 22 oz

Leine Oktoberfest 6, 12 and 12 cans

Sam Adams Oktoberfest 6 and 12 packs

Tallgrass Oasis 4 16 oz cans

New Castle Werewolf 6 pack bottles

Becks Oktoberfest 6 and 12 packs

Spaten Oktoberfest 6 and 12 pack bottles.

Like I said, a bunch more I forgot also.

Thank you for shopping at my store, Richard.

Labor Day weekend hours  Monday – Saturday 9-9  Sunday and Monday 10 – 6.

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