Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of April 7th

Basketball is over in the Niemuth household.  I have Kentucky in the championship game but not winning so its over.  I’ll claim the bracket win just because I had 2 of the final 4 teams and one of the championship teams.  No one else seems interested in adding them up to see who won.

My brother Bobby was out to the lake with his son Cameron on Sunday.  They went down by the dock with Carter.  Bobby put his foot on the ice to test it and fell in.  He is officially the first in the lake for 2014.  He said the water wasn’t that cold.  Hopefully the boys learned something from that.

Kenzie and I were walking this morning when it began to mist.  We were on the north end of the lake a long way from home and then the school bus went by and I was afraid we were late for picking up Carter at pre school.  We hurried home and made it in time to pick up Carter, just a little damp from the walk.

We will be Closed on Easter Sunday April 20th.

Order Easter Hams, Lamb, roasts, Potato Salad or seafood now!  734 4905 to order

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be Mahi Mahi.

Fresh Seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon and Atlantic Cod.

Fresh Seafood for Thursday will be Chilean Sea Bass and Canadian Walleye.

Fresh seafood for Friday will be Dover Sole, Crab Stuffed Dover Sole, Scottish Salmon, Atlantic Haddock, Canadian Perch, Lake Erie Smelt, Tuna, Wild Gulf Shrimp and Dry Pack Scallops.

Order Live Lobster, Clams and Oysters by 4 pm Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 pm Thursday for Friday delivery.

Brat Flavors will be Greek and plain Sheboygan in Pork and Tomato Basil Parmesan in Chicken.

Meat Specials:

Grass Fed Chuck Roast 7.99 lb

Grass Fed Ground chuck 6.49 lb

Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak 19.99 lb

Grass Fed Top Sirloin Steak 11.99 lb

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin 5.99 lb 3 flavors to choose from.

Pork chops 3.99 lb  Extra Thick, Thick or Thin

Whole Pork Butts 2.50 lb  10 pound average

Whole beef brisket 4.29 lb  15 -18 pounds  Smaller pieces trimmed 5.99 lb

choice Flank Steak 8.99 lb

choice inside Skirt steak 7.99 lb

Ground Chuck 3.79 lb 5 pounds or more, 4.29 less than 5 pounds.

Fresh out of our own Smoke House:

Smoked Pork Chops 5.99 lb

Lanjaeger 7.99 lb

Hot Stix 7.99 lb

Slicing Summer Sausage 5.99 lb Plain or Garlic

Natural Casing Wieners, 6 flavors, Pork and Beef, Jalapeno and Cheddar, Cheddar, Turkey/chicken, all Beef, Grass Fed All Beef.

Bones for Dogs 1.99 lb

New Wines:

Sutter Home Pink Moscato 187 ml single serve bottles

New Beers:

Victoria Cerveceria Modelo Mexico 6 packs

Ommegang Game of Thrones 750 ml

Ommegang Abbey, Hennepin and Gnomegang 4 packs

Left Hand Wake up Dead Nitro 4 pack

New Glarus Dubbel 4 pack or single

Thank you for shopping at and recommending my store to your friends, family and co workers, Richard.


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