Specials @ Niemuth’s for week of April 27th

Got my old blog screen back! Happy Day! Smiley Face! No golf today, raining. Carter didn’t get any scholarship offers from Notre Dame, Ohio State or either Michigan school for playing hockey in South Bend Indiana last weekend. Maybe Wisconsin will notice him, he is only 9 still. Kenzie weaseled staying home in Waupaca with one of her friends. She wasn’t going to sit in a rink all weekend while her brother played hockey. Grandma was right, she will be a hand full when she is 16, she is now at 6. Owen is growing and making a lot of dinosaur noises. He was fussing while I was holding him Sunday night and I told Kenzie to run and get the jar of peanut butter, and she did. I didn’t feed him peanut butter yet, few more weeks for that.

Store hours are 9-9 Monday – Saturday and 10-6 on Sunday.

Fresh seafood for Tuesday will be North Atlantic Cod I hope, Eric didn’t call today and I didn’t think about it until after cutoff.
Fresh seafood for Wednesday will be Ora King Salmon, Black Tip Shark, Canadian Perch and Live Bevan Oysters.
Fresh Seafood for Thursday will be Canadian Walleye, Chilean Sea Bass, Mahi Mahi.
Fresh seafood for Friday will be Canadian Flounder, Crab Stuffed Flounder, Scottish Salmon, North Atlantic Cod and Haddock, Wild Gulf Shrimp, Yellow fin Tuna and U10 Dry Pack Scallops.

Order Caviar, Live Lobsters (much more reasonable last week) Clams and oysters by 4 PM Tuesday for Wednesday and 4 PM Thursday for Friday delivery. 920 734 4905

Brat Flavors will be Original Sheboygan and Southwest Fiesta in Pork. Beef Brats are in the freezer. Several flavors of Precooked Chicken Brats will be made.

From the smokehouse this week:
Landjaeger, Hot Sticks, Teriyaki and Cheese, Grim Reaper
Grandpa Bob’s plain and Garlic summer
Jalapeno and Cheese Summer Sausage
Plain and Garlic Ring Bologna
Natural Casing Wieners
Pre Cooked Chicken Brats several Flavors
Pre Cooked Pork Brats including Appleton Beer Factory flavors
Our own Hickory smoked Dry Cured Bacon
Smoked Pork Hocks
Turkey Bacon
Smoked Ham Bones left from Easter Hams
Smoked Pork Chops
Hot from the Smokehouse Friday after 3:30 BBQ Back Ribs and 1/2 Chickens
Boy I don’t know if I will have time to do all this and Venison sausage too!

Chef Inspired for this week:
Southwest stuffed Chicken Breast and Pork Tenderloin
Southwest stuffed Mushrooms
Jalapeno poppers wrapped in Bacon
Bacon Wrapped pork tenderloin stuffed with smoked Chorizo
Marinated Chicken Breast, Thighs, Drums
Beef Tenderloin Shish ka bobs
Stuffed mushroom caps
Stuffed Portabella caps
Stuffed Eggplant
Grilling Potatoes
Parmesan Garlic Green Beans
Bacon Brussel Sprouts
Maryland Crab Cakes

Meat Specials:
Impossible Burgers should be in on Wednesday, our allocation week, watch our Facebook page
Choice Skirt Steak 9.99 lb
Fat on Tri tip steaks 7.99 lb
Fat off tri tip steak 9.99 lb
Cowboy cut bone in Rib Eye steak 12.99 lb
Choice Flank Steak 9.99 lb
Choice NY Strip Steak 12.99 lb save $1 per pound
Prime Rib Eye 19.99 lb
Prime Tenderloin 35.00 lb
Grass Fed Ground Chuck 5.99 lb
Grass Fed Organic Rib Eye 19.99 lb
Ground Lamb 9.99 lb
Ground Round 4.99 lb
Ground Chuck 3.49 lb 5 pounds or more, 3.99 lb less than 5 pounds
Waupaca Sandwich Spread 4.99 lb
Waupaca Potato Salad 2.99 lb

New Wines:
3 new sparkling will be in on Friday 5-3 for sampling between 3 and 6.

New Beers:
Sorry lost the list.

Thank you for shopping at and recommending my store to your family, friends and co workers, Richard.

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